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December 16, 2010     Stone County Enterprise
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December 16, 2010

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4 STONE COUNTY ENTERPRISE I OPINION I www.stonecountyenter prise.corn December 15, 2010 US PRESIDENT Barack Obama The White House 16oo Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington, D.C, 2050o 2o2.456.141.4 phone 202.456.2461 fax comments@whiteh MISSISSIPPI SENATE Ezell Lee (District 47) 407 Country" Club Drive Picayane, MS 39466 6Ol.798.6961 400 High Street ,Jackson, MS 39215-1o18 6Ol.359.317o elee@mail.senate.state.nm.tLs US VICE PRESIDENT Joe Biden The White House 16oo Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington, D.C. 20500 2o2.456.1414 phone 2o2.456.2461 fax vice_president @whitehousegov US SEN, I'E Roger Wicker U.S. Senate 487 Russell Building Washington, D.C. 20510 2o2.224.6253 phone 202.224.2262 fax Thad Cochran U.S. Senate 326 Russell Building Washington, D.C. 20510 202.224.5054 phone 202.224.9450 fax US HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Gene Taylor House of Representatives 2311 Rayburn House Office Building Washington, D.C. 20515 202.225.5772 phone 202.225.7074 fax MISSISSIPPI GOVERNOR Haley Barhour PO Box 139 James "Shannon" Walley 4o0 High Street Jackson, MS 39215-1o18 6Ol.359.3226 swalley@ MISSISSIPPI HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Deryk Parker (Dist. lo7) 168 Easterling Rd. Lucedale, MS 39452 400 High Street ,Jackson, MS 39215-1o18 6Ol.359.9465 S.HS Dirk Dedeaux (Dist. 93) 2157 H~T 53 Perkinston, MS 39573 228.255.6171 400 ttigh Street Jackson, MS 39215-1o18 6Ol.359.2428 STONE COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS Clark Byrd (Dist. 1) Daniel Harris (Dist. 2) Lance Pearson (Dist. 3) Wendell Patton (Dist. 4) Dale Bond (Dist. 5) P.O. Drawer 7 Wiggins, MS 39577 6Ol.928.5266 Jackson, MS 39205 6Ol.359.315o CITY OF WIGGINS Jerry Alexander (Mayor) MISSISSIPPI Darrell Berry (Ward 1) LIEUTENANT Gene Alexander (Ward 2) GOVERNOR Derrick Gates (Ward 3) Phil Bryant Tommy Hall (Ward 4) PO Box lO18 Joel Miles (At-Large) ',Jackson, MS 39215 117 S. First Street 6Ol.359.32oo Wiggins, MS 39577 6Ol.928.72m The Stone County Enterprise encourages its readers to submit letters to the editor about issues discussed in the newspaper or that are relevant to the community. Letters may be sent by mail to PO Box 157, Wiggins, MS 39577, or dropped off at the newspaper offices: 143 S. First St., Wiggins, or sent by emafl: editor@stonecountyenter- All letters sent nay mail, email or dropped off at the office must be signed and contain a telephone number and address for verification purposes. No unsigned or anonymously-written letter to the editor will be pub- lished. The Stone County Enterprise reserves the right to proofread or edit letters to the editor. The Enterprise also reserves the right to refuse to publish any letter. The views expressed in letters to the editor are those of the witers and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Stone County Enterprise or its staff. Over the past two years, we have witnessed an Administration and Congress intent on ram- ming through costly, big- government policies that Americans did not want. From the costly bailouts tO Obamacare, the federal government has over- reached, taking power from individuals and states and putting it in the hands of unelected bureaucrats. On Thursday, I intro- duced the Restoring the loth Amendment Act to give states an opportunity" to challenge unconstitu- tional mandates before they take effect. Returning power to states and individuals is an important frst step to stopping a federal power grab. Importance of the loth Amendment The loth Amendment to the Constitution explicitly states, "'I~e powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people." Too often, this amendment is ignored by members of Congress and the executive branch when passing massive overreaching legislation. The Code of Federal Regulations, a list of administrative rules pub- lished by agencies, now totals an astounding 163,333 pages. While some of the rules are nec- essary, many of them simply bur- den millions of Americans and increase federal spending. These rules and regula- tions also take power away from states and individ- uals. Obamacare's Disregard for IndMdual and State's Rights Much of the new health care law is a good example of the vast power given to unelected officials. Overall, Obamacare creates 159 bureaucracies, according to a study" by the Joint EconomicCouncil. These bureaucrats will be tasked with writing the countless rules and regulations required to implement the onerous health care takeover. Once the rules are written, only a costly and time-consuming court process can overturn them. A central piece of 0bamacare is the indMd- ual mandate requiring Americans to purchase government-approved health insurance. I believe this mandate vio- lates the loth Amendment. Under no other circumstances do we force indMduals to pay for some- thing they may not want or can- not afford sim- ply because they" U. S. Senator are Americans. Roger Wicker State Challenges My bill would provide special standing for designated state gov- ernment officials to dispute regulations issued by agen- cies attempting to imple- ment new federal laws or presidential executive orders. Under the legisla- tion, any rule proposed by a federal agency would be subject to constitutional challenges if certain state Well, the Democrats are finally" showing some fight. They're fighting with each other, but it's a start. 'I]ae fading Democratic majority in the House has balked at accepting President Barack Obama's compromise with Republicans on the Bush tax cuts, which are expirewith the New year, 2 lat:Obama. : That,stile deal :H sgone, Republicans get enormous repiaced by a tax cuts for the rich and guy who makes I don't mean the sad- faced fellow with the same name you see on television these days, the one with the "Kick Me" sign on his back. I mean the Obama of the campaign trail, the inspirational figure who promised us "Change we can believe in." the president gets a bagJimmy Carter full of brightly colored look like Vince beans.In it, people with a Lombardi. lot of money get enough to "Iqae real joke build additions to their about the tax Caribbean vacation homes "compromise" (unless their Aspen is that the Donald Kaul Columnist retreats need expansion), President insisted that the while the laid-off auto extension of the tax cuts worker in danger of losing last only two years. his one-and-only home to Apparently he feels that foreclosure gets enough to things will look better for put food on the table for him politically two years his family for a few more from now and that months. Congress will be able to do House Democrats, offered away with the budget-bust- that trade, said, "no thank ing tax cuts then. you very much." My only surprise is that I keep getting the feeling no Republican leader has that none of this would be yet died laughing at that happening if Barack one. Obama were alive today. I used to think that President Obama was a shoo-in for reelection in 2o12. I based that on the old political axiom "You can't beat somebody with nobody." I reasoned that since the Republicans did- n't really have a "some- body" among their presumptive candi- dates--and would- n,t nominate him Obama would pre- vail. I'm no longer sure of that. If things go on as they are, Obama could con- ceivably get beaten by a Candidate to be Named Later "I"nere are die-hard Democrats who think that the president has an ace- in-hole: Sarah Palin. Egged on by the lunatic fringe of the party, the Republicans just might nominate the Lady Gaga of the political right, which would mean death for them in the elec- tion. That's the theory. Good theory. But I'm not as convinced of it as I used to be. Two years after running officials determine the rule infringes on powers reserved to the states under the loth Amendment. Cun'ently, 43 states are challenging parts of the federal health care law in court because of the man- dates on both states and individuals. My legisla- tion would give state offi- cials another tool at their disposal to dispute the unconstitutional overreach of the federal government. I remain committed to reducing the size and scope of the federal government and making it work more efficiently. Until Congress acts to restore checks and balances on this Administration, the American people have good reason to remain skeptical of Washington. I hopethis bill will provide a small step toward restoring the accountability of the federal government to the people we took an oath to represent. Roger Wicker is a mem- ber of the U. S. Sensate. His opinions are not nec- essarily those of the Stone Count7 Enterprise. what many thought was a disastrous vice-presidential campaign, Palin remains a star in a political firma- ment that doesn't have many. Put her in a room with Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich, Bobby" Jindal, or any of her other probable rivals for the GOP presidential nom- of them at once, for that matter--and your eye (and attention) will go to her. She's got that mo~de star thing going for her. Beyond that, she has a marvelous political instinct for survival. She came out of the train ~Teek that was the McCain campaign stronger than she went in. The Republicans will spend the next two years beating Obama about the head and shoulders while he stands in the middle of the road saying: "Let us reason together." 'lqmy'll do their best to collapse the economy and then blame Democrats for the collapse. After that, they're going to raise taxes on the rich? I don't think SO. Am I being too pes- simistic? I hope so, but I know this much: A political party that can't sell the American people on increasing taxes on mil- lionaires when unemploy- ment stands at nearly lO percent, with a deficit threatening to stifle the nation, is a part3," that couldn't sell hand-warmers to a duck-hunting club. It is, in other words, a pathetic excuse for a politi- cal party'. OtherWords colunmist Donald Kaul lives in Michigan. His opinions are not necessarily those of the Stone County Enterprise. You can con- tact him by emailing tone Cauatl, Enterprise Heather Freret Jody O'Hara Publisher/Editor Rose Martin Sl=RVING STONI= COUNTY SINCl= S 916 Staff Writer Classified / Legal Clerk Published each Wednesday at 143 First Street, Wiggins, MS 39577 (601) 928-4802 fax (601) 928-2191 E-mail: editor@Stonecountyenterprise,com Charlotte Wippler Chelle Grantham USPS 522-300 Periodical postage paid at Wiggins, Mississippi 39577, Advertising Sales Advertising Sales Member Mississippi Press Association Single copy price 75 cents. Subscription rate inside Stone County is $25.00 per year; in-state $37.00 per year; outside-of-state $42.00 per year. Service members subscriptions are $25.00 per year. Entered weekly as a second class mail matter July 3, 1906, at the Post Office in Wiggins, Mississippi, under the Act of Congress March 13, 1879. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to The Stone County Enterprise, P.O. Box 157, Wiggins, MS 39577.