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July 17, 2013     Stone County Enterprise
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July 17, 2013

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H. *+ IENTERTAINMENT I July 17 2013 www.stonecountyenterprise.com 'Grown Ups 2' STONE COUNTY ENTERPRISE 3 . By Bob Garver There's a very specific age range where one can find Adam Sandier funny. He's too dirty for very young kids (unless he's blatantly doing a kids' movie), but it doesn't take a lot of maturity to know that you've outgrown him. Let's say his target demographic is pre- teens. That's how old I was when I laughed my way through "The Waterboy", "Billy Madison", and the movie I've seen more times than any other in my life, "Happy Gilmore". I haven't seen any of these Sandier "classics" in a while, partly because I have plenty of new films to see and partly because I'm afraid I wouldn't fmd them funny any- more. I hate the idea of revisiting a favorite like "Happy Gilmore" and finding it to be about as funny as "Grown Ups -. The film is a sequel to the equally useless 2010 comedy. I made the mis- take of watching the first film in preparation for this one, and I can tell you that there is no reason to do so unless you have a really strong desire to get a joke where a minor character raises both hands at once. The films focus on a group of middle aged guys trying to prove to each other, their fami- lies, and themselves that they're still fun. Of the five guys in the original, four are back: Sandier, Kevin James, Chris Rock, and David Spade. I figured the new film would have to be at -+ least somewhat of an improvement since Rob Schneider decided to sit this one out, but I was wrong. As happy as I was to not have to toler- ate him, I was even more unhappy with who I had to tolerate in his place. When the guys aren't enjoying their favorite pastime of making fun of each other, they make fun of an array of one- joke supporting charac- ters. They have plenty to choose from: bumbling cops, psycho ex-girl- friends, a female body- builder, a prank-prone principal, kid bullies, adult bullies, frat boys from the local college, grown-up classmates whose lives haven't gone well, and other assorted weirdoes. Most grating (and therefore the heir apparent to Rob Schneider) is a screechy, drugged-out bus driver played by Nick Swardson. The guys' wives (Salma Hayek, PICK IT UP Maria Bello, and Maya Rudolph are married to Sandier, James, and Rock respectively) and kids are the only halfway interesting sup- porting characters and they get shoehorned to make room for a bunch of gimmicky morons. The humor is a mix of insults, violence, and gross-out gags. The insults are pretty lame and the gross-outs are cheap and uninspired, though perhaps the pre- teen target audience has- n't seen them done to death yet (then again, I wouldn't be surprised if they have). A scant few violent physical gags do work, and if you email me at rrg251 @nyu.edu I'll tell you which prop is funny enough to keep the film from getting One Star. Okay, and it is kind of funny when the kids struggle to under- stand their parents' tech- nology and pop culture references. It's a wonder that "Grown Ups 2" made so much money this past weekend when so much of the audience for the first one is too mature for Adam Sandier now. I suppose many of them don't know it yet. It takes a few junk movies for fans to get Sandier out of their system. They see his toilet humor and hear his yelling (yes, he still thinks his obnoxious yelling is comedy gold) and they wonder why they don't find it funny. They wonder if the problem is with him or them. To these people I say: The problem is with him for thinking you'll continue to find his juvenile antics amus- Big Reach! Small Price! Run this size ad in over 100 newspapers statewide for less than $11 per paper. 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Contact Bob Garver at rrg251 @nyu.edu. Since 1962 Looking Back Presented by the Bank of Wiggin00 "n Serving you mce 1916 Compiled by Charlotte Wippler ( All information for Looking Back is taken as it originally appeared) I I I I II I Illl I Ill I i I II]l IO Years Ago safety from his truck just before it From the Wednday, July a3 2003 went over the bridge. According to issue of the Stone County ll resktents the bridge had Enterprise. out for two years. Picture: Ac)rding to Stone Ctmn W Picture: Ann Barrett Batson, a Sheriff Mike Ballad, a Jackson man Wiggins native and daughter of Lib was arrest in connection wJth a bur- and Ilu Batson, was in town to p gla on WalLs Rd..When deputies mote her new book. ttaving It Y'alh were dispatch to investigate a An Insiders Guide to Life Down report ofa suspieio pen who uth. Batson said the ok was was seen running into the wotxts about the South and Southerners, in hind the residents the' discov- terms of lifestyle, events, people, and ereda broken rear window and a set places. of spikers under a tree. The suspect Military Mentions: Specialist was later found and arrested. Albert R. Hood, son of Euna Hood of Picture: Childn attending Lucedale, received the Arm)' Vacation Bible School at Ten Mile Achievement Medal, and Army Capt. Baptist Chnrch released over 300 William P. ia, son of Marian Saia balloons. Each ballon had a msage of Wiggins, arrived for duty in with the verse John 3:16, the name Alexandria Va. t .... * U )f the eh h and the name of the Obituaries Included: Verlin Pose),, child, e hope was that some of the 67 of Wiggins, ra T. Breland, 73 balloons would be found and ff Wiggins, Lucy NeLson, 71 of returned, so the children could e Georgia, Alberta Jones, 55 of how :they might fly. Wiggins, ilas flariel, 67 of :* Milita Mentions: Airman Ist Wiggins, John Bond, 80 of Wns, Class Shawna Mezzo, daughter of and Crumpton Cooper, 74 of Deborah Meza, of Perkinston, volun- Wiggins. tred to deploy to iraq fir several months 5o Years Ago Traveling with the Enterprise: From the Thursday, July 18, 1963 June Whatley and her grandns isue of the Stone County Derek, and Devin took the Enterprise. Enterprise to Olathe, Kansas, The Pat tlarrison Waterway" New Arrivals: Andy Wayne District became a reality, with the Maltett* Obittmries included: Betty apprvwal of out spoken Chancery Lopor,  of Texas Judge Thomas D. Ott. Picture: A demonstration on lak- 25 Years Ago keeping earned Roy Jones, of From the ursday, Julyax, 1988 Perkinston, a tat place in a contest issue of the Stone County held during the State 4-II Club EnterprLm. Congress, held at MSU. While making his way. to the Obituaries included: darvis E. Lee, Wiggius Lumr Yard, by way of Ten 82, of Wiggins, Paula C. Britt, 99 of Mile Rd Raymond Shaw, of Stone County, and William A. Poplarville, waled away from an Ferguson. of Florida. accident that cotdd have n dead- Playing at the Straub Theatre: The ly. Shaw discovered to his surprise Head, and Young Guns of Texas, and with out wm'ning of an)' signs or plus a cartoon, lights that the bridge on Ten Mile Playing at the GLO Drive-In: No was out. He was able to jump to Man Is An Island, plus a cartoon, Taken from the June, 1943 Bank of Wiggins Insert IndusWious Ant According to Aesop, the Greek philoso- pher and fable-maker, the Fly one day ridiculed the Ant, and boasted of its own good fortune. "I fly like a bird," the Fly id, "I xqsit the palaces of kings to enjoy their full tables, and even feed at the altars where sacrifices are offexed up to the gods." The lowb', crawling ant replied, What's all ve!T fine, but evea,here you go somebody swats .m as a pest:. Even the donkey swishes its tail at you. Seldom disturbed, I go about my busi- ness of storing something aw%v to feed upon during the hmg winter. And I enjoy the fixtits of my honest toil aRer you have died of hunger, cold or fatigue." Fortunate, indeed, are those who have the wisdom and industry to ave something for the future. Bank ofWlggins II I I Illl I I