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May 25, 2011     Stone County Enterprise
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May 25, 2011

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4 : , - t ° .. o r o,', %w ' .... :.2; ,° 4A STONE COUNTY ENTERPRISE YOUR OPINIONS Unfairly treated Dear Editor Last Thursday night, I had the pleasure of watching some incredible 7 & 8 year old boys play coach pitch baseball. Do I have a kid in this league? No. However, I just wanted to inforna the community about the games the board plays. Every year, but his one, the coach of the first place team is named all-star coach. This coach gets to pick so many players from his team to acconapany him; this procedure trickles down to the second place team and so fbrth. Not this year• Why, you ask? The board was afraid a eeiain coach's team would come ill first place• So in case he may, the board changed the rules. This year, the coaches will vote on all-star coach and to add insult to injur3  the players will try out for All Star, no other age dMsion is twing out. TI T out? You heard me correctly. I, like nlany of you, thought you played hard and hope- fully you were picked for All Star. Like I mentioned earli- er, if the certain coach would have conic in first place, he would have been able to pick the majority of the players fronl his winning team. Why would these nice, up stand- ing citizens do this? Not sure, but if I had to say, I would go with a lack of integrity. Needless to say, the coach lost the ganle; therefore he did not come in first. So turns out the board's anxiety backfired. So community if you feel your child has been treated unfairly or you're like me, just want no part of these socially harmflfl ac'ts. Please do not sign your child up next-year for baseball or softball, any age. We will ere- ate another league that will justly servSee our community. Dwana Haley Wiggins. GOT AN OPINION? The Stone Count3, Enterprise encourages its readers to submit letters to the editor about issues discussed in the newspaper or that are relevant to the connnunity. Letters may be sent by mail to PO Box 157, Wiggins, MS 39577, or dropped off at the newspaper offices: 143 S. First St., Wiggins, or sent by emaih editor@stonecountyenter- l)rise.eom ,, All letters sent my mail, email or dropped off at the office lnust be signed and contain a telephone number and address for verification purposes. No unsigned or anonymously-written letter to the editor will be pub- lished. The Stone Count' Enterprise reserves the right to proofread or edit letters to the editor. The Enterprise also reserves the right to refise to publish ally letter. The views expressed in letters to the editor are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Stone County Enterprise or its staff. US PRESIDENT Barack Obama The White House 6oo Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington, D.C. 20500 2o2.456.1414 phone 2o2.456.2461 fax US VICE PRESIDENT Joe Biden The White House 16oo Pennsylvania Ave NW Washiugton, D.C. 20500 202.456A414 phone 202.456.2461 fax vice ._iresident (,i) US SENATE Roger Wicker U.S. Senate 487 Russell Building Washington, D.C. 20510 202.224.6253 phone 202.224.2262 fax Thad Coehran U.S. Senate 326 Russell Building Washington, D.C. 2o51o 202.224.5054 phone 202.224.9450 fax US HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Steven Palazzo House of Represeutatives 2311 Rayburn House Office Building Washington, D.C. 2o55 202.225.5772 phone 202.225.7074 fax MISSISSIPPI GOVERNOR Haley Barbour PO Box 139 Jackson, MS 39205 6ol .359.315o MISSISSIPPI IdEUTENANT GOVERNOR Phil Bryant PO Box lO18 Jackson, MS 39m5 • 6Ol.359.32oo MISSISSIPPI SENATE Ezell Lee (District 47) 4o7 Country Club Drive Picayune, MS 39466 6Ol.798.6961 400 High Street ,Jackson, MS 39m5-m18 6Ol.359.317o James "Shannon" Walley 400 ttigh Street Jackson, MS 39215-1o18 6Ol.359.3226 swalley@ MISSISSIPPI HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Deryk Parker (Dist. o7) 168 Easterling Rd. Lucedale, MS 39452 400 High Street ,Jackson, MS 39215-1o18 6Ol .359.9465 dparker@ mail'h°use'state'm S.US Dirk Dedeaux (Dist. 93) 2157 Hwy 53 Perkinston, MS 39573 228.255.6171 4o0 tiigh Street Jackson, MS 39215-1o18 6oL359.2428 STONE COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS Clark Byrd (Dist. 0 Daniel Harris (Dist. 2) Lance Pearson (Dist. 3) Wendell Patton (Dist. 4) Dale Bond (Dist• 5) P.O. Drawer 7 Wiggins, MS 39577 6Ol.928.5266 CI'IT OF WIGGINS Jerry Alexander (Mayor) Darrell Berry (Ward O Gene Alexander (Ward ,) Derrick Gates (Ward 3) Tommy Hall (Ward 4) Joel Miles (At-Large) 11.7 S. First Street Wiggins, MS 39577 8.7221 I OP|N|ON [ May 25, 2011 Two opposing approaches to American energy There are many things that make the United States the great nation it is. Three of these relate directly to the debate over American energy prodnc- tion. They include our bountiful natural resources, the freedolns established by our Founding Fathers, and the determination of the American people. From the oil wealth of the Gulf Coast, to the coal resezwes of Appalachia, from the hydroelectric power that characterizes mue.h of the ±Mnerican West, to the oilfields of Alaska, America is blessed with an almost boundless supply of energy wealth• Since this nation's found- ing, Americans have sought to explore and develop this bounty, and in recent decades we have become lnore responsible stewards. With gas prices averaging $3.75 per gallon in Mississippi according to AAA, we should unlock America's supply to meet our needs. Promoting Our Resources Last week, the Senate debated and voted on two naeasures related to ener- gy. Although neither pro- posal received the neces- sary 6o votes for passage, the debate did manage to highlight two very different approaches to our energy policy• One, the Offshore Production and Safety Act, would have increased access to domestic oil and natural gas. [-his strategy would create jobs and spur economic growth, while increasing govern- ment revenues and improving indus- try safety. Oil and natn- ral gas reserves are abun- dant and accessible in the United States today. Tapping these domestic resources is essential to lowering energy prices and making us nlore energy independent. The,Offshore Production and Safety Act is one part of the solutkm to decrease our unemployment rate, which is currently at 9 percent. America's oil and natural gas sector is responsible for 9.2 million jobs in this country. Expanding that 9.2 million to a higher figure would be an important boost for our economy. Raising Taxes Will Not Lower Gas Prices Senate Democrats offered the other measure, which I opposed because it would have raised taxes on American ener- U. S. Senator gy production, Roger Wicker discouraging economic activi- ty, taxing industriousness, and put- ting more of our resources off-limits for development. It makes little sense to sug- gest that the appropriate response to soaring gaso- line prices is greater taxa- tion on the companies that produce oil and gas. In the larger picture, the Administration's energy policy is not eonaprehen- sive. It fails to promote the utilization of proven domestic resources, and the production it does allow comes wrapped in bureaucratic red tape. Our goal should be to increase our energy inde- pendence in the near term, but the White House seems to want to lead us in the opposite direction. Most Mississippians understand that higher taxes and more regulations will do nothing to encour- age increased production. Pal 'All of the Above' Approach have supported, and continue to support, inno- vation in the area of biofu- els, geothermal power, wind, and solar energy. At the same time, we need to address current needs with available domestic energy resources, such as oil and natural gas. Energy independence-- a goal we all share -- cannot be achieved without increased •domestic explo- ration. Roger Wicker is a mem- ber of the U S. Sensate. His opinions are not nec- essarily those of the Stone County Enterprise. Tax holiday would cheat American taxpayer The deceivingly named Will Alnerica campaign would actually push the nation further into debt. Carl Gibson What if your family's finances were tight, and you had a water bill that you couldn't afford to pay? What if you had a client who ()wed you euough to cover the waterbill? Would yon tell your family riley would have to go without water, or would yon tell your client to pay up? While President Barack ists to persuade Congress to let them bring back $1 trillion in profits they've stashed overseas, and pay Carl Gibson just a 5 percent tax rate instead of the statutory 35 percent rate• The corporations are calling tiffs scaln the "Win America Campaign," although this $35o billkm give- away's only win- ners are the same corporate tax only to see those benefits go to shareholders despite legislation aimed at pre- venting that from happen- ing. Instead, those companies bumped up shareholder pay- outs between 6o and 92 cents for every dollar brought hbme, In fact, the Congressional Research Service has found that the largest bene- Obama and Congress are allowing spending plans that take $50o million out of the mouths of hungry kids and another $415 mil- lion from local cops, they continue to ignore the $1oo billion we lose evey year, thanks to corporate tax cheats. Those tax cheats, which include the likes of Apple and Cisco, are buying up Washington's best h)bby- cheats who continue to bleed our economy dry every year. Creative Commons pho- tograph by Manic Street Preacher Corporate tax holidays nlay nlean higher returns for shareholders, but that certainly doesn't create jobs. A similar 2004 tax holiday brought back $312 billion fronl 843 corpora- tions at a reduced tax rate, ficiaries of the tax holiday actually cut jobs in 2005- 2006. All a tax holiday would do is prove to these corpora- tions that it's profitable for them to continue stashing profits in tropical tax havens. The Win America campaign would actually push us fnrther into debt if we continued to erode our tax base. It would also mean that smaller U.S. ! businesses that actually play by the rules would see their taxes raised in order to give big corporations more handouts. Bringing a trillion dollars back to the United States at just a 5 percent tax rate would cost us billions in lost revenue, which could instead be used for green job training programs for the unemployed, hiring more teachers, rebuilding roads and bridges, or health care. 'I%e $350 bil- lion we would lose on a corporate tax holiday could instead reverse any of the numerous drastic budget cuts made to local law enforcement, Medicaid, and the like. If Panerica's leaders are actually considering giving corporate tax cheats yet another tax holiday while cutting funding needed to keep government working for the rest of us, we need to seriously reconsider our priorities. These corpora- tions owe it to the people who make them prosper- ous to be accountable and pay their fair share of taxes like the rest of us already do. This latest lobbying effort by corporate tax &eats would only encourage more offshoring of jobs and income. If Congress really wants America to win, then Congress has the responsibility to stop the Win America Campaign in its tracks and make these corporate tax cheats pay their fair share. Carl Gibson is the co- founder of US Uncut, a grassroots movement to stop budget cuts by getting corporations to pay their fair share. He lives in Jackson, Mississippi. His opinions are not nec- essarily those of the Stone County Enterprise. 00tone 00ountp 00nterpri00e SERVING STONE COUNTY SINCE 1916 Published each Wednesday at 143 First Stree L Wiggins, MS 39577 (601) 928-4802 • fax (601) 928-2191 • E-maih editor@stonecountyenterprise,com USPS 522-300 Perio0ical postage paid at Wiggins, Mississippi 39577, Heather Freret Jody O'Hara Publisher/Editor Rose Martin Staff" Writer Classified / Legal Clerk Charlotte Wippler Chelle Grantham Advertising Sales Advertising Sales Member Mississippi Press Association 0 Single copy price 75 cents. 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