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March 17, 2010     Stone County Enterprise
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March 17, 2010

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010 Stone County Enterprise Page 17 F()qgD AND NUTRITION The big00burger debate First, there's the ham- burger bun. For years the bun was just white bread, Texas toast, or just.a white bun, but now the buns come in all kinds of flavors, textures and colors, There's the soft and airy sourdough bun or the orange col- ored, gruyere cheese bun, I've had buns with olives baked right into the bread, as well as buns containing jalapeno peppers. In my opinion, a great bun should be flavorful, chewy and not dry. It should lend a helping hand to the meat and toppings, and not over power the rest of the burg- er. Then there's e burger patty. A great hamburger should be based on good meat, which makes a good patty. Many recipes use ground beef, ground chuck, ground sirloin, or a mix- ture of different cuts. I personally like to use ground brisket. Brisket has a good ratio of fat to meat, which helps make a juicy burger. A' properly cooked patty should have a crispy, dark char on its exterior, from the hot pain or grill, and be soft, juicy and well seasoned on the inside. I like my burger cooked medium, but many prefer medium-rare espe- cially when using ground sirloin. The patty should compliment the bun in thickness and size, and should always be the focus of your burger. Next, we have the top- pings for your burger.. I've seen everything from fried eggs and sardines, to roasted garlic cloves and ear- rot, but I prefer the classic lettuce, toma- to, and pickle combi- nation. Avocado is also a great topping for' a burger. Finally, we come to the condiments. Ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise seem to be the dominating choices here, but I've seen BBQ sauce and green chilies coming on strong lately. A1 and Heinz 57 are classics, but the newcom- ers on the block are Sziracha (a Thai smoked pepper sauce) and the chas- sic remoulade sauce. Everyone has their own personal favorites. Now lets discuss great burger joints. I've been to many. From the nation's top rated Le Tub in Hollywood, Florida, to New York City's Burger Joint. All the great place.s have one thing in com- mon ..... flavor. Even LouJis' Lunch in New Haven, Connecticut puts out a burger of dominant flavo)r and they use no condiment what-so-ever. The hamburger is the one food item that foreign countries view as truly American. It is America. And of all the restaurant styles in this great country of ours, there is none more popular than the classic burger joint or restaurant. They are everywhere, from chains to mom n' pop shops. The hamburger is the American comfort food of choice. Now, I've eaten burgers from Hattiesburg to the Gulf Coast. I've eaten at fast food chains, pool halls, gas stations, bowling alleys, and fine dining restaurants. Each place recommended by other foodies and some that I just happened to wander upon. My lists are full of flavor and will probably be argued about for weeks. But remember, all places have good days and bad days ...... the top burgers on my list were tried over and over and showed consis- tent results. So next time your hungry and in the mood for a good burger, why not try a cou- ple of the burgers on my list. Or give my Green Chili Burger recipe a try. Either way your tasting an American icon. Thank goodness we live in a coun- try where we have the free- dom to eat as many burg- ers as we want. I think even "The Ham-burglar" would agree with that. I love to talk food. I talk food in my classroom, at the lunch table and with all of my friends. I can't stop. For months, my good friend, Adam Street (a.k.a. The Ham- burglar) and I have been talking ham- burgers. And for months, he's given me his opinion on everything from how to cook a good burger, to what are the best places to go get a great burger. We've argued, debated and laughed about every facet of this great sandwich, but both of us agree that the hamburger is the ultimate com- fort food. It's the go to food when nothing else will do. The family can't agree on what to eat for supper? Go get a burger. It's the problem solver of the food world. But what is a hamburger? How should it be served? And where is the best place to get one? I answer these questions and give sugges- tions for my favorite burg- er ...... will "The Ham-bur- glar" agree? We'll see. From the days of Louis' Lunch to the fast food chains of today, the ham- burger has changed very little. The hamburger being a combination of bread, meat and vegetables still dominates menus from coast to coast. But the types of ingredients, that makeup the burger have changed, and have gone in many different directions. Food Dude's Best Burgers Ingredients: For Burgers 1 pound each ground sirloin, ground chuck and ground brisket Slices sharp cheddar cheese Salt and pepper Sourdough Hamburger Buns Green Chili Sauce 2 poblano chilies, grilled, peeled, seeded and chopped 1 medium red onion, grilled and chopped 2 cloves garlic, chopped 2 tablespoons fresh cilantro, chopped 1/4 cup water Salt and freshly ground pep- per smooth and eason with salt and pepper to taste. Put into a container and hold. Method: Preheat grill or cast-iron skil- let. Combine each type of ground meat and mix...try not to over pack the patties. Each patty should be about 8 ounces. Season withsalt and pepper thoroughly. When grill or pan is heated, put burgers on...trying not tO bunch the patties. Grill about 6 minutes per side or until cooked to your liking. Open green chili sauce and spoon one Tablespoon of chilies over burger and top with slice of cheddar cheese. Let melt over top and serve each burg- er on sourdough buns. Serve more green chili sauce on the side. Makes 6 burgers. (recipe by Jarrett Potter) Screen rvs Catch all Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until Steak Eat with S00.R ecial Lincoln ibeye $1599 Kids Eat FREE Everyday 4pm-8pm Louie's Lunch Hamburger Sandwich The first hamburger In 19oo, Louis Lassen served the first "hamburg- er sandwich" from a lunch- eonette in New Haven, Connecticut. This lunch- eonette was called Louis' Lunch Wagon. Louis ran a small lunch wagon selling steak sandwiches to local factory workers. A frugal business man, he didn't like to waste the excess beef from his daily lunch rush. Lassen would ground up some scraps of beef and serve it as a sandwich. The sandwich was made of a beef patty, cooked with onions and then served between pieces of toasted bread along with a slice of tomato. Lassen saw this as the perfect meal for a cus- tomer who was in a hurry and wanted to eat on the run. Lassen probably never thought that his sandwich of scraps would turn into a symbol of America and it's culture. In the 196os, the New Haven Preservation Trust placed a plaque on the building where Louis' Lunch is now located, pro- claiming Louis' Lunch to be the first place the ham- burger was sold. Louis' Lunch is still sell- ing their hamburger sand- wiches from a small brick building in New Haven. The sandwich is grilled vertically in antique gas grills and served between pieces of toast rather than a bun, and refuses to pro- vide mustard, mayonnaise, or ketchup to help dress the burgers. The Library of Congress has named Louis' Lunch a "Connecticut Legacy" and the first place to invent and sell the iconic sandwich that we now know as the hamburger. Kenneth Lassen, Louis' grandson, now owns Louis' Lunch and makes the hamburger sandwich the exact same way his grandfather did in 19oo. :00,00Food00._00Guy's ...... Picks WigOns 1. Serendipity ..... Get "The Monster" ... a bit more char on this patty and the burger" would be perfect a. Whistle Stop ..... Get 'qlae Texas Burger"....the juiciest burger in Wiggins 3. (tie) Frosty Mug's ...... "Lot-o-Burger" times a great burger with tons of flavor McDonald's ...... "Angus Third Pounder-Mushroom and Swiss".....the best fast food burger...period. Hattiesburg 1. SideLines....(2763 Oak Grove Rd.) ....... The best burger I've had in Mississippi. Get the "Triple Cheese and Bacon" .... Jalapeno Bun,, thick bacon, and perfect char make this the ultimate blrger. NEED TO' SEND A FAX? Stop by the e County Enterprise 143 First St. Wiggins l'iWe will do it for you! FREE 2. Mugshots....(38o3 West 4th St.)....the "McDonald Burger" is full of flavor when drenched with ranch and BBQ sauce 3. Mahogany Bar and Grill ..... (381o Hardy St.)....get the "Hog Burger"....smoked ham, bacon and pepper jack cheese...yummy. Gulf Coast . Skeeter's Pool Hall ...... (197 Tegarden Rd.)....a true burger joint with the tastiest burgers and pool tables 2. Logan's RoadHouse .... (CrossRoads, Gulfport) ..... the best seasoning of any burger on the list 3. Five Guys Burgers ..... (D'Iberville Fromenade)'s all about the double patties and unlimited toppings You could winl Hours: M gn-Fri 8am.Midnight 1.8T/.706"1427 sT sat.Su, 8am-epm [ST E